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Antora always had an eye for jewelry and fashion.  Her inspiration and passion inspired her into making
her own jewelry.

Along the way she discovered that she was able to proceed with other type of artwork such as creating
her own wiring dolls, magnets, bags and many more.

Antora has a strong passion with a vivid imagination and enjoy experimenting with different pieces of creation.

Every piece is inspired by its own name and meaning.

Antora's aim and ambition is to keep adding unusual designs to her collection with a unique look.
Antora uses a variety of techniques and materials including gemstones such as freshwater pearls,
turquoise, amethyst, crystals AB, swarovski, silver 9.25, silver and many more.

Please check our Gallery for yourself and see the beauty "Antora" has to offer.

We hope you enjoy viewing our unique collection.

Feel free to contact us for any information you may require regarding our Gallery or view on us on

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